• Unique and Eternal!
  • Unique and Eternal!


Tüm dünya kültürlerinde alyans evliliğin en önemli simgesidir. Türkiye’nin yalnızca alyans üreten ilk markası Merrily, üstün hizmet anlayışıyla sizi bekliyor.

Her geçen yıl çok hızlı bir şekilde değişen ve çeşitlenen alyans modelleri ve uygun alyans fiyatları ile çiftlere onlarca çeşit sunuyoruz.


Pırlanta Koleksiyonu


Classic Koleksiyonu

Merrily's most irreplaceable wedding ring: Classic Collection… It is created for relationships that will never go out of date.

Twin Koleksiyonu

Twin is Merrily's collection that is created for the ones who found their soul mate. It is meticulously designed for all eternal relationships that love turns out to be a way of life.

Glory Koleksiyonu

Glory is one of the most special wedding ring collections of Merrily… It is created to tell the loves start like a dream and turn into a fabulous relationship from generation to generation.

Smyrna Koleksiyonu


Anatolia Koleksiyonu

Anatolia is one of the most impressive wedding ring collections of Merrily. It is created to be the symbol of eternal love and commitment on the hands united by love.

Loveknot Koleksiyonu

Loveknot is one of the most special collections of Merrily. It is knotted loop by loop and created with passion to make the most important moments of your life such as marriage proposal, engagement and wedding more special.

Best Rings Koleksiyonu

Best Rings is one of the most distinct wedding ring collections created by Merrily for you. It is created for the couples who know that they will have a unique and lasting relationship at the first moment they see each other.

Nova Koleksiyonu

Nova is the most innovative wedding ring collection of Merrily. It is created for the moment that the magical power connecting lovers together turns into a happy future.

Natty Swan Koleksiyonu

Natty Swan is a very special wedding ring collection of Merrily that is dedicated to the believers of love at first sight. It is produced with love and romance for the ones who see that they will marry and be together forever at first sight.